TEF Shooting: Rolf Spectacles

Bei meinem heutigen Shooting trage ich eine Holzbrille von Rolf Spectacles. Das Design des Rahmens basiert auf dem italienischen Oldtimer >>Topolino<<. Der ursprüngliche Topolino war zu seiner Zeit eines der kleinsten Autos der Welt. Dieses Modell verfügt über das einzigartige ROLF-Holzscharnier und ein spezielles Linsenverglasungssystem. #TEFdoesZURICH

//Today I am wearing a wooden frame by ROLF Spectacles. The design of their Topolino frame is based on the Italian classic car which is its namesake. The original Topolino was one of the smallest cars in the world at the time of its production. This model features the unique ROLF wooden hinge and special lens-glazing system. #TEFdoesZURICH


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  1. ROLF SPECTACLES is the rolls royce of sustainable eyewear. It combines technology with ecology. This brand impresses me so much that I don’t dare to meet them ^^
    This model TOPOLINO is very nice and very trendy. Congratulations for these photos!

    1. Hi Carole, thanks for your words. Right, ROLF SPECTACLES is really special and they found a completely new way for creating eyewear in the optical field. Have a wonderful day, Jen

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